Technology as a Means to Sustain Medical Innovation

Technology as a Means to Sustain Medical Innovation


Application Portfolio Management can serve as a highly useful methodology for healthcare organizations.

As we’ve seen with recent outbreaks like the Zika Virus in Brazil, medical conditions and diseases are in constant flux. Concurrently, the medical field has made tremendous advances over the past century. Looking at these developments, it’s important for members of the healthcare community to understand how technology can improve their ability to provide health services and deliver important medicines to those who need it most.

While the amount of technology currently supporting the public and private sector can be daunting, this vast landscape of systems can be more systematically organized to help provide primary care services, expedite medical research and retain a more comprehensive view of patient history.

This article will explore how Enterprise Architecture and Application Portfolio Management can aid in these efforts and ultimately create a stronger technology infrastructure for health systems.

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