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Transform your Business with QualiWare X

From 2019, QualiWare X is the base for all solutions delivered by QualiWare and Qualisoft. QualiWare X is an all-inclusive and transformative Smart Architecture Management System

QualiWare X is a set of visionary tools, methods, and services, which can be utilized to handle complex organizational challenges within Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Quality Management, Asset Management as well as Governance, Risk & Compliance.

NeXt generation enterprise management system

What really sets QualiWare X apart from the rest, is the fact that it is an all-encompassing tool. More specifically, you get a multi-purpose tool that is fully integrated in one holistic solution. It has an open and flexible architecture that enables business agility through a unified view of processes and information.

With QualiWare X, you get a complete 360-view of your organization, enabling you to connect strategic process models with operational models, such as RPA’s and physical robotics. It enriches the existing and reactive quality management system, creating a future proof Enterprise Management System.

Too often, strategic initiatives are created as stand-alone documents, not stored in the management system. This results in loss of data, information, and innovation. QualiWare X, on the other hand, is a solution which allows you to see your business ecosystem, customer journeys, parallel value chains, and integrated value chains in one unified solution.  

QualiWare X can be delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), in the cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises. 

VIDEO: See how QualiWareX takes enterprise architecture and business management to the next level: 

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From strategy to execution

Our solutions are built to support your management requirements and are fully configurable to your needs. 

Enterprise Architecture solution 
A robust EA tool should permit in-depth analysis of organizational realities, contributing to:

  • Faster implementation and more precise control of change processes
  • Better leverage of existing information and information systems
  • Increased communication & efficiencies between organizational business units and IT
  • Attainment of visionary goals

Supports all endeavors related to Enterprise Architecture, such as;

  • Vast framework and extensive notation support
  • advanced analytics and reporting services enabling a high level of usage/view-documentation and making it fully GDPR ready
  • Holistic views for visualizing dependencies within an enterprise and state-of-the-art governance engine making sure that documents are read, processes approved, change requests are handled and much more.

Governance, Risk & Compliance solution 
A standard solution and ready-made package designed to help you manage and improve your operations from day one.

The solution supports advanced workflow governance for process management, change requests, non-conformances, problems, accidents, complaints, and ideas. Full audit program, heatmaps, control coverage maps, and behavioral analytics are all part of the standard solution.

Business Process Management solution 
Tailored for process documentation and communication. All relevant notations are available, and advanced role-management makes sure that the right processes are available and sent to the right people, where and when they need it.

Includes consultation rounds, approvals, subscription, read confirmation, and more.

Digital twin of an organization

QualiWare lets you model both virtual and physical components.

Organizations are becoming more and more dependent on continuous intelligence in order to stay viable. The use of a Digital Twin for diagnostic - and prognostic purposes can be of great benefit to an organization, just as it has been for complex machinery when navigating complex and uncertain business environments. 

The Digital Twin loops from the physical to the virtual and back again, enabling a new way to create and implement strategic initiatives. It can help you discover customer behavior patterns you can act upon, model organizational responses to privacy breaches and develop various future state scenarios (Huntley, 2018).

Business Operating System

Use a business operating system (BOS) to help discover where new growth-oriented initiatives, such as digital business or business transformation can be launched. Enrich the existing management system with real-time data from physical robots and applications. 

QualiWare defined as Leader by Gartner 

QualiWare has several times been nominated as a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant.

Gartner defines a Magic Quadrant Leader as a vendor who amongst other things “demonstrate clear support for delivering business outcomes-driven EA, modeling, and analysis. The Leaders also demonstrate a clear vision of the direction and maturation of the EA discipline, as well as its relevance for digital business today and in the future.”

Using our collaboration platform, with supported and dedicated user interfaces, these holistic views enable our clients to inform and involve the right people at the right time. Using QualiWare allows organizations to model and communicate the full process, from idea generation to investment planning and execution. In doing this, we are closing the strategy-to-execution gap. Furthermore, to improve decision making, our collaboration platform supports governance workflow management and behavioral analysis of its users.

The changemaker

Qualisoft is QualiWare’s only partner in Norway, and we help clients get the insight and overview they need to create positive change in their business. Our customer’s success is one of our biggest drivers.

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