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Qualisoft has one of the most comprehensive service spectra in process-oriented business management in the Nordic region. We work actively to create internal decision-making support and positive change processes for our customers.


Qualisoft's customers make good decisions, and in so doing achieve their goals and realise gains.

As Scandinavia's only partner for the internationally recognised expertise centre, BPTrends Associates, all of our consultants are BPTrends-certified. As a result, we have a methodology that provides our customers with systematic control of all processes, which in turn means high performance and documented profits for your business.

A business's most important resource is its workforce, and our consultants work actively to extract information about your business, work processes and corporate culture. We then use our specialised expertise to supply information and knowledge about your business in order to ensure that employees recognise themselves in the management systems, perform their roles properly and become active contributors within the organisation.

Our consultants

We provide overview and insigth

We put together a team, based on your challenges, ambitions and goals, that quickly begins to achieve gains. We then use our tried and tested methods to create the overview and the expertise you need in order to make good decisions and drive change, development and continuous improvement in your business.

Over the years we have helped to make a number of large and complex organisations process oriented, efficient and adaptable. 

Customer references - how we create gains and results for our customers

From reactive to proactive:

  • Businesses that struggle with a lack of overview, inefficient processes, time-consuming certifications or IT administration can benefit from our approach.
  • For businesses that are already using best practice, but which now wish to take the next step, we have the methods that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.
  • For companies wanting to progress from best practice to best in class, we provide business innovation and scenario thinking that creates entirely new business models.

Specialised expertise in management systems

Say goodbye to inadequate overview and inefficient processes. Qualisoft's management systems provide your business with a tool that looks after all activities, applications, regulations and requirements.

Qualisoft supplies the QualiWare software, and this combination of software and consultancy services allows us to follow our customers throughout the entire journey – from inefficient, silo based systems to a complete management system that helps you with process improvement, application management, compliance and continuous improvement.


Our customers achieve gains:  

  • Sjukehusapoteka Vest had important tasks coordinated across four pharmacies in four locations.
  • We helped Statoil to map its entire IT park – a process that allowed them to do away with 500 applications and, in so doing, make an annual saving of NOK 60 million in licensing and operating costs.
  • For Wintershall Norge, we created a management system and a business architecture system. The German head office is now looking at how they can adopt QualiWare for use in other companies. 
  • Volvo Aero reduced training times from thirty days to three days.
  • Aarbakke made savings in administration costs equivalent to 15-30 man-years


Consultancy service - this is what we're good at:

As a QualiWare supplier, we offer specialised consultancy services in:

  • Business architecture
  • Strategy implementation and decision support
  • Process management and process improvement
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements, other forms of compliance
  • Quality management
  • Risk management
  • Application management and commercial requirements
  • Information structure optimisation
  • Project management for our customers

One of our values is closeness, and we work actively to maintain a proximity to our customers and to the markets in which they operate.

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