Qualisoft creates positive change by making use of technology and by realising people's potential

Tore Rasmussen, General Manager

Qualisoft helps customers creating value - something we have been doing since 1994.

Thanks to our combination of experience, method and long-term customer relations, we are still helping businesses to make good decisions and carry out continuous improvement over twenty years later.

Businesses that introduce Qualisoft's control and quality systems benefit from a tool that looks after all activities, regulations and requirements that an organisation has to carry out or implement in order to achieve its strategic goals.

Software and tools alone are not enough to successfully implement change and improvement. Our interest is therefore in how people act within organisations, and we help with implementation and internal reorganisations at all levels within your company. We focus on the connection between strategic decisions and work routines in all processes. Our consultants represent an important support resource for managers requiring a connecting thread from strategic decision, all the way through to action.

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Qualisoft helps businesses to achieve:

  • More efficient processes
  • An overview of all critical processes and who carries them out
  • Defined roles with responsibility
  • An overview of all IT applications, where they are used and what they are integrated with
  • One system for all internal knowledge about your business
  • Faster documentation of compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Simpler and quicker certification
  • Better quality and improvement culture
In short, we provide three services:

THE QUALIWARE SOFTWARE: One system for all strategies, processes and applications of your business. Qualiware is the starting point for all product deliveries, whether they are management systems, quality systems, ISO certification or application management.
QualiWare software

SPECIALISED CONSULTANTS: Qualisoft's consultancy method ensures the best possible interaction between the software and people. Our consultants work actively to extract information about the customer's business, work processes and corporate culture so that employees recognise themselves in the system and ensure that there is a connection between strategy and action.
Sertified & Specialises consulting services

COURSES AND CERTIFICATION: The courses offered by Qualisoft provide you with the expertise you need in order to play an active part in improvement work in your business. Our courses cover everything from pure training in QualiWare to managers' courses and personnel management. This entails quality control, business management, process improvement, process management, change management etc.
Available courses

We help customer make good decisions

Qualisoft offers simpler and quicker access to information about the customer's business by means of navigable graphic models. The QualiWare software allows the customer to create its own model-based operational management system, often with process architecture as one of the approaches. The tool is web-based, and it is made available via the business's intranet.

Over 200 private and public Norwegian customers with over 100,000 users make use of Qualiware in their process-oriented management systems. Our list of references includes business of various sizes and from different specialised areas.

Our goal is for our customers to become more efficient and to work in a way that is smarter. Our consultants therefore work actively to establish an improvement culture that is seen as positive for the organisation.

This is what we are good at:

  • Strategic consultancy and analysis

  • Organisational development

  • Business architecture

  • Application and information management

  • Project management

  • Change implementation and improvement culture

  • Charting and improving processes

  • Facilitation and modelling

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