Method and service documentation

We support  and use the following international standards and methods:



The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a framework for business architecture that supports your business by providing a method for design, planning, implementation and business architecture management.
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BPTrends Associates

The BPM method from BPTrends Associates is a complete and integrated method for BPM / Process management that is aimed at the business, process and implementation levels. The method is systematic and is suitable for all types of businesses. The method is practical by nature rather than technical.
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ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 standard for quality systems is a widely used tool for helping companies to meet customer requirements and the expectations of interested parties. It is often the first standard that businesses go for when they are aiming to obtain certification of their ability to verify the way in which they work and to meet the expectations of their market.


EA3 Cube

EA3 Cube is a business architecture method that combines Strategy + business + technology with a business-driven focus. The method is based on business planning and decision-making for an entire business.

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Business Process model and Notation (BPMN) are now very widely-used notation and guide resources for understanding and creating good models that describe processes.

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PMI (Project Management Institute) supplies methods for project management and control. The internationally-acknowledged PMI was set up based on both experience and an academic approach.



ArchiMate is an open and independent modelling notation tool that is used in business architecture to describe, analyse and visualise relations between business domains.

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Unified Modeling Language is a modeling notation tool that is used by solution architects within ICT. It is often used as a standard way in which to visualise the design of a system.


For a number of businesses, we also use other standards for business architecture, such as OIO, MODAF and DODAF. QualiWare's tools are based on most international notations and frameworks for business architecture.
We also use a number of other standards and help our customers to create good systems that help them to achieve their goals.


Method and service documentation

We support  and use the following international standards and methods:

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