Apply Sørco launched new management system in only 4 months

Only four months after the agreement with Qualisoft was signed,  Apply Sørco launched its new Management System - with very good feedback from end users.


An updated management system with the user in focus


"We are a fairly large and complex company with over 630 employees. We run major modification projects with the help and support of these systems, so it's incredibly important that we have robust, readily available management systems. We were also looking for expertise on overall process understanding, says Elin Østbø Lunde, Head of Quality & Risk in Apply Sørco.

Success Criteria

  • Ownership from management and management's pressure in the organization
  • A supplier and sparring partner with expertise in process management
  • Skilled facilitators who are able to stimulate openness, trust and involvement in workshops
  • A skilled project manager who has the ability to see the whole of the delivery

The solution

  • Process-based management system; QualiWare
  • A control system that provides better control and overview.
    • Compliance, Risk, etc.
  • A management system that provides relevant and correct access to updated management information
  • A management system that contributes to efficient project implementation
    • Simplified and faster project launch
    • Reduced quality costs
  • A management system with high ease of use where the user is in focus

- A Qualisoft consultant ran a full day workshop with our management team. The workshop focused on overall process understanding, and it proved to be one of the major success factors for successful implementation of the new process-oriented management system from Qualisoft. Throughout the workshop we mapped out value chains, all management processes and support processes. This way, we gained the necessary ownership in management and management's pressure in the organization that this is the way we should go, says Elin.

We were already certified and had a good management system before, but we have taken a quantum leap in the right direction by implementing a process-oriented management system modeled in QualiWare.

- Elin Østbø Lunde, Quality and Risk Manager in Apply Sørco.



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