Enterprise and IT architecture

Develop your entire business more quickly and proactively in order to implement your strategy and achieve your goals.  


QualiWare is a flexible tool that supports international methods and notations for business modelling.

QualiWare gives you a total overview of the current status and future outlook of your business.

Application and information management

Many of our customers find that the business component of operations requires better understanding of how IT applications support processes, which is the activity in the company that creates value. Many also want to re-assess whether their IT portfolio is ideal and whether changes to processes or other factors require changes on the IT side.

Our customers obtain a better overview of what kind of information and what applications they have, where the various applications are used and what they are integrated with. This then allows you to purge the correct systems, create better integrations and achieve more efficient IT operations overall.

From 2003 to 2005, we helped Statoil to purge 500 applications, which saved them NOK 60 million in annual licenses and maintenance charges.

Intelligent business

Unlike several other suppliers, we offer a modern, integrated application in which all business information is available in just one repository.

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