Apply Sørco launched new management system in only 4 months

Only four months after the agreement with Qualisoft was signed,  Apply Sørco launched its new Management System - with very good feedback from end users.


Revitalizing the Management System has given great positive effects

"Revitalizing the Management System has given great positive effects" - Gunnar Haar, QHSE & Risk Manager


Visionary and down-to-earth organisational development

At Mantena AS they took giant steps in going over to a process-oriented management system.


Business Management - a matter of life and death

When Sjukehusapoteka Vest develops new work processes, it is of literally vital importance that the procedures are carried out correctly and that services and products meet the required standard. People's lives and health – and the future of the company – are dependent on this. 

Enabling Positive Change

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