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A solid approach to efficient process work. 

The market today is characterised by disruptive changes and increased focus on innovation and automation. A comprehensive view of all existing processes is essential to avoid digitization of sub-optimal processes. Creating a Process Center of Excellence (PCoE) is a critical step to ensure structured process improvements and sustainable gains, when working towards higher level of process maturity.

What is a PCoE?
A PCoE can be explained as a center of competence for process work. The purpose of this unit is to be a driving force for process-oriented business development.

When should a PCoE be established?
Businesses should consider their own process maturity level when creating a PCoE. Is the business currently working with processes in a structured and systematic way? Are the processes delivering predictable results? These are questions one should ask before establishing a PCoE.

How should a PCoE be structured?
There are different ways of structuring a PCoE. It can be anything from a decentralized network to centralized units with global process responsibility. How the services and competence provided conform with the maturity and needs of the business, is more important than the actual structure of the PCoE.

A PCoE can offer multiple services. Some examples are: development and maintenance of process architecture, measuring process performance and implementing process- and change management.

To ensure a holistic approach to the process work, the PCoE can also provide services linked to technical solutions. Consequently, a comprehensive process-oriented business management system that supports the various services will contribute to increased process maturity and process orientation.

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