BPM and Lean: The Essence of BPM

Essence of BPM

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Peter Matthijssen er Lean Six Sigma black belt og BPM-ekspert. Han mener BPM handler om mer enn teknikker og tilnærming. Det er en helt egen måte å se verden på.

- In my experience in attending conferences and speaking to other professionals, there is always a discussion about the 'scope of BPM', and the relevance of BPM and its relation to other methods and techniques. In my opinion, discussions about 'which approach or technique is best' are not very meaningful. It is more interesting to find out how different approaches and techniques can support each other.

Han mener at mange bedrifter bør ha en struktur som følge av prosessene.

- 'Thinking in processes' is the logical way to look at organizations. However, I still experience that many people, at all levels of organizations, do not yet think and act from a process perspective. So there is still a world to win!

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