To ting du må gjøre for å oppnå endring

I følge Harvard Business Review er det to ting du bør gjøre dersom du frykter disrupsjon. Bli mer motstandsdyktig og bruk energien i et disruptivt marked til å skape nye vekstmuligheter.

I en podcast av HBR diskuterer Scott Anthony, managing partner i konsulentselskapet Innosight, hvordan virksomheter best møter disrupsjon. Han ser to ting virksomheter må gjøre for å skape endring: 

A) repositioning today’s business to make it more resilient against the disruptors coming at you in your current market, and B) taking advantage of the energy inherent in that disruption to go and play offense, and go and create some new growth businesses.

Han advarer mot å behandle disse likt.

- You try to mush those things together, you do neither of them well. So instead of looking at change as a monolith where you’re doing one thing, you’ve got to do both of those. And they have to be distinct, linked in the right sort of way, but if you don’t separate it and manage those differently you get yourself in a whole heap of trouble.

Disrupsjon skaper vekst

Én annen ting som kom frem I podcasten, er at markeder som utsettes for disrupsjon vokser.

- The thing that people miss is that disruption creates growth. While of course, as it’s changing business models in a space, there are winners and losers, but the net result any time we’ve studied a disruptive change, is that a market grows. So this is not necessarily a threat to people. This is a tremendous opportunity for people who think and act in the right way.

Her finner du podcast og skriftlig versjon av samtalen


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