Slik kan virksomhetsarkitekter sørge for suksess ved digital transformasjon

To måter virksomhetsarkitekter kan sørge for suksess ved digital transformasjon: 1) Redusere risiko gjennom driftsstandarder og 2) fremme tverrfunksjonelt samarbeid. Det skriver våre kollegaer i McKinsey & Company.

"Those who design and steer the development of the technology landscape can mitigate risk by setting operating standards and promoting cross-functional collaboration."

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"The findings from our research suggest that when the EA group is directly involved in digital-transformation projects, the documentation and communication between business and IT stakeholders improves significantly. 

"[EA managers] must become “ambassadors” for enterprise architecture, helping business leaders and board directors alike understand the purpose and value generated by all the systems that underlie day-to-day operations. And they must be able to foster close collaboration between IT and business stakeholders. Because of the variety of skills required, CIOs may need to look outside the usual talent pools when recruiting, considering people with academic and business credentials as well as traditional technologis" 

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