Reinventing IT: How Strategic Enterprise Design is Leading Digital Transformation

Photo: Stefan Kunze

Foto: Stefan Kunze

Free webinar, friday 18. november.

Enterprise Design webinar led by Milan Guenther.
Friday 18. November at 15.00 - 16.00 - sign up

As architects, analysts and IT professionals, we are challenged by our peers, clients and users to go well beyond just “keeping the lights on”. 
We need to lead the way into the digital future of the enterprise!

Market dynamics have changed, and we have to deal with new relationships with empowered customers, trust in organizations in decline, and startup competition disrupting entire industries - your role has never been more important

Yet our methods and tools keep us busy documenting today’s complexity, making us seem like blockers rather than agents of change. We see people’s eyes glaze over at our complicated models, tired of the difficulties they entail.

To reposition ourselves as the architects and designers of the enterprise, our focus has to shift.

In this webinar Milan Guenther will show us how to reposition architecture, analysis and design work to reclaim the driver’s seat in digital transformation. 


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Friday 18. November at 15.00


Enabling Positive Change

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