Business processes vs business capabilities

FOTO: BPTrends Associates

Foregår det en liten religionskrig I prosessverden? Roger Burlton i BPTrends Associates, mener det. I denne artikkelen forklarer han hvorfor det handler om å «få ting gjort».

"In this Column, I will tackle a topic that has both intrigued me and driven me crazy at various times. There is a well-established Enterprise Architecture camp, often found within IT groups, which seeks to understand the business requirements for technology planning, prioritization and implementation, that sees 'capability' as the central concept of Business Architecture. There are other points of view, especially from process advocates, that see it a little differently. I will delve into some of these perspectives and try to make sense some of the thinking to ensure that no matter your point of view we keep our approach business oriented and not just about IT.

The capababilty aspect of business architecture is still emerging and at this point there are no indisputable standards in place, although several groups maintain strong points of view and are working on proposals for standardization. Several large consulting and technology firms are also pushing their own views with the apparent goal to differentiate themselves and land large implementation projects down the line."

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