By investing in Information Management and digital solutions your organization will be better positioned to handle rapidly changing market dynamics and disruption in the global and local oil and gas marketplace.

Globally leading companies are now excelling in the way forward using sophisticated and innovative digital solutions, standardizing and globalizing businesses and operating models.

Join us to hear how international industry leaders have made the journey:

  • Dynamic business models for efficient operations
  • Standardized ways of working
  • Information and technology as key business drivers
  • Continuously improved global business models

Qualisoft cordially invites you to join our
Oil&Gas Industry Forum 2017
September 28th 2017, 09:00 - 16:30
Venue: Ipark, Stavanger.

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Qualisoft's Oil and Gas Industry Forum

The Oil & Gas Industry Forum is a full day of knowledge sharing and networking for selected companies and Qualisoft customers from the oil & gas industry.


  • The future of managed business transformation: The business management system as the organization’s GPS
    The management system of the future goes beyond mere compliance and enables organizations to stay ahead of disruptive changes and keep a competitive edge by guiding an outcome-oriented transformation of the business. This opening presentation puts current trends into perspective and demonstrates how the QualiWare tool can help with future challenges.
  • Mapping a common process based referential for the new EMIA region in TechnipFMC Onshore / Offshore
    by/TechnipFMC (France)
    From pure discipline and procedure based system to a process based system – aligning three operating centers within the new EMIA region.
  • The Management System Journey in AkerBP
    by/AkerBP (Norway)
    AkerBP has in recent years gone through mergers, acquisitions and expansions to become one of the largest independent oil companies in Europe. On this journey they have managed to align each company’s culture and way of working into one corporate management system. Transforming the organization from being document governed and function based to process oriented.
  • Continuous Improvement: the Wintershall E&P Management System - a global framework for global operations
    by/Wintershall Gmbh (Germany)
    A short overview from development to implementation, challenges and way forward.
  • Using Business & IT Architecture to support business change
    by/Statoil (Norway)
    Statoil has seen the need to increase the architectural effort within the IT community to better manage complexity and business change. The roles and structure of a new network of architects will be described together with our renewed focus on using business capabilities as a key concept to link business and IT.
  • Merging four regional systems into one global ENGIE E&P Business Management System
    by/ENGIE E&P (Netherlands)
    The journey of how ENGIE E&P has moved from regional/local processes and functions to globally driven processes. Focusing on risk, compliance and continuous improvement throughout the global Business Management System.
  • The Process Center of Excellence: How to boost process maturity and culture in the organization
    With today’s complex and rapidly changing industry, the benefits of process-based management are obvious. Nonetheless, not all organziations succeed in the transition from functional to process orientation. In this work session, we will discuss how a Process Center of Excellence is essential for climbing up the maturity ladder and promoting a culture for effective improvement.

In addition there will be opportunities for knowledge sharing and mingling during lunch and coffee breaks.


The oil & gas industry is continuing to undergo major disruptions in the marketplace. These changes have considerable impact on how organizations manage to reach their strategic goals and realize benefits.

To keep up with this, you will need to consider:

  • Smart digital solutions
  • Holistic approach to governance, compliance and risk
  • Management through business process
  • Focus continuous improvement
  • Knowledge exchange and sharing of experiences.

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28 September 2017
09:00 - 16:30
Ipark, Stavanger

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September 28, 2017

Free of charge - full of value
09:00 - 16:30

How to deal with disruption and change in the oil and gas industry?

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